Coordinating Your Family Outfits | Top Five Tips

Hey Friend! I have a super fun post for you today. I thought I would share some tips for when you’re coordinating your family outfits. This is definitely geared toward a family photo session, any occasion really applies here though! If you have a couples session, senior session or even a mommy and me coming up all these principles can apply to you to.

I know first hand how overwhelming it can be to coordinate your own outfit let alone your whole family. I am that mom that will stay up a bit later before an event just to make sure everything is perfect! Meaning, I will lay out all our clothes the night before. Make sure everything fits, is clean and ready for whatever is planned. So I am coming at you from a moms perspective not just your photographer! Is this something you feel you struggle with? Well, rest assured I am bringing you my top five tried and true tips for when coordinating your family outfits!

BONUS: I am also sharing some gorgeous outfit inspiration for winter of 2019! These outfits were all put together with pieces from Nordstrom, H&M, Zara and a few other online shops. Without further ado lets dive into these tips!

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Neutral color scheme for family photos, creams, glitter and grays, coordinating family outfits for winter 2019, Adriannah Jean photography

Tip Number One

When putting together outfits always keep in mind that your outfits will look more put together when the pieces compliment each other, but don’t actually match! I highly recommend steering away from matching and think more about what fits together. This will also allow each individual to let their own style shine, while still being cohesive. Your main goal is to break the outfits up so you’re not all wearing the same colors on top and bottom.

coordinating family outfits for winter 2019, Adriannah Jean photography

Tip Number Two

If you have multiple children do not feel like you need to put them all in the same kind of outfit. Example, if you have two daughters one could be in a dress and the other in a skirt! If you have two sons one could be in a bow tie and the other in suspenders. By you mixing up the wardrobe pieces you’re adding a ton of visual interest to your photos, remember, this is the goal!

coordinating family outfits for winter 2019, Adriannah Jean photography

Tip Number Three

While coordinating your family outfits choosing colors that are natural soft tones and avoiding ultra bright colors helps not only bring attention to where it really matters (your eyes) it also fits beautifully into most environments! Softer, lighter tones tend to pair so well together and in so many different ways. By doing this it truly creates such a classy and sophisticated feel to your portraits and guarantees timeless family heirlooms for years to come.

coordinating family outfits for winter 2019, Adriannah Jean photography

Tip Number Four

Playing off of the last tip is choosing your color scheme based on your home decor! If you think this sounds silly hear me out for a minute. These photos will likely be hanging in your home. Imagine how wonderful they would look flowing with your entire home esthetic. Now, I don’t mean if you have a yellow wall all dress in yellow. Still keep those soft, light toned neutral principles while maybe adding in a small pop of yellow in a necklace, scarf or even your daughters headband.

coordinating family outfits for winter 2019, Adriannah Jean photography

Tip Number Five

PLAN AHEAD! This is a big one. While I don’t think you should be obsessive over planning I do think you can majorly benefit from planning these outfits out as far in advance as you can. Once you book start thinking about your colors, the feel and overall style you want to achieve. Without sounding dramatic coordinating your family outfits can really make or break your final images. No one likes to feel rushed to find an outfit, uncomfortable, or in dirty clothes the day of their portraits. This is a time to be relaxed, happy and carefree. By taking the extra steps to make sure everyones clothes fit, are clean, pressed and ready days before your session date I promise it can make your experience feel like a million bucks.

Before you go…

I’d like to end this with one really important message. At the end of the day the most important thing is not coordinating your family outfits, it is the love you share for each other. Capturing these moments are above all, always. I hope the tips I have shared just help guide you to get the most out of your photo session. I know things can get overwhelming. Getting the crew all ready for family photos is no easy task. Kudos to all the moms and dads out there who are putting in the work so your family can cherish the timeless captured moments for years to come. You’re the real MVP’s! Until next time guys!

Love, Adriannah Jean

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