Due to current events AJP is not booking new sessions at this time. Please, feel free to browse around and make yourself at home.. you may email me with any questions or concerns. With love, Adriannah.

George George Park Senior Photos | Chloe

Hey there, Adriannah here! I’m highlighting Chloe’s amazing George George park senior photos here on the blog today. We had such a fun time together while shooting, and traveled all through the park during her session. It may have been one chilly day, but


Fall Family Photos | Richmond, MI

Well friends, it is that time again. I’m bringing you an exciting fall family photos post! Sooooo geeked to highlight the Monaco family today. I had a feeling their session was going to be a ton of fun, boy o’ boy, I was right!!


Grosse Pointe Newborn Photos | Fresh 48

Welcome sweet girl.. SO excited to be sharing these Grosse Pointe newborn photos with you today. They don’t call these types of sessions fresh 48 for nothing! I walked into room 463 only one hour after Eliza’s birth ready to capture some special moments.


A MacRay Harbor 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

One special day… July 28th, 2019 two wonderful people celebrated 50 years, their golden year, alongside their family and friends. Jim and Terri’s MacRay Harbor 50th wedding anniversary party was amazing to say the least. I am still so honored to have been there


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  • Hey there, it has been a minute hasn’t it? My first “official” post since before I left for the most magical (much needed) vacation with my family! Whoah, what a difference coming back with clear headspace! I didn’t even realize how much a break was needed, I was deeply wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of my never ending to do list.(; .

I’ve spent the past few days prepping for the coming season, organizing files and tons of *super fun* clerical work, yippie! Even though it doesn’t exactly fuel my creativity, it truly feels so good coming to a clean and organized workspace. I’ve also been working on some other fun projects that I’m so excited to be sharing in the near future!

Anything fun you are working on or excited about? Would love to hear from you and celebrate along with ya!
  • My heart may have been close to bursting seeing how much this little guy loves his momma and baby sis. Look at that sweet smile of his. Ahhhh. 😍💕✨
  • You guys, these are the photos that get me.. the ones where you can feel the happiness and love just beam. Of course, I love all the traditionally posed photos, these natural ones just really pull on my heart strings. ✨💕
  • Second post in two days? Who am I? Sharing another gorgeous shot from Madi’s senior session.. doesn’t she have such a beautiful smile?! 💕✨
  • Walking out of the weekend like.. BYE. 👋🏼We’re coming for you Monday! I’ve been a little silent on most of my socials lately. Sorry, not sorry? No, really, I’ve missed you, I am a little sorry! ☺️💕

I’ve been having a blast, working with the best clients, or as I prefer to call them, the AJfam!! I truly think I get connected with the most amazing people EVER and so appreciative to them for keeping me going! Aside from my extra special AJfam, my own family has had jam packed weeks and weekends that aren’t slowing down one bit. .

Just popping in to wish you all a wonderful Halloween week, lets keep our fingers crossed for a gorgeous sunny Thursday, with dare I say, NO snow. 😬🤞🏼✨
  • Hey there insta fam! Adriannah here, wondering how everyone is holding up during these first few weeks of school? I’m super curious, who loves getting back into the swing of things and who’s just so not into it? I’m not sure where I fall yet. My little girls first day is TOMORROW! Like, what? I’m not sure how this is even happening. I feel like just a short while ago she was placed on my chest and I heard her little cries for the first time.

Reflecting back to these four years I have been so lucky to be home with her it makes me incredibly emotional, thankful, grateful, indescribable really. No words can express my deep feelings on motherhood and being a mom. Nothing prepares you for this, no advise, books, studies, statistics. While I believe that all of those things and our own life experiences play a role, nothing preps you for the ride of motherhood.

While this photo felt so fitting to share, I wanted to leave a message also, to the momma excited to have some peace and quiet while your littles are back in school, the momma in her car crying after drop off (hey, that’s me🙋🏼‍♀️), the momma just feeling a bit overwhelmed, the momma fighting to get a shower in between naps, or just wishing for a nap herself, know, I see you! We are in this ride together. These days are long, the years are short.. savor every moment with those babies along the way!!💕✨
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